Education gets lost in endless tasks...

Teachers still have too many roles and tasks to perform. Students have multiple classes, teachers, and extracurricular activities, whose information does not cross-reference each other. This results in gaps in data sharing and schools not knowing the students as a whole. And the tutors, coaches, mentors, or psychologists who participate so actively in the students' daily lives are not involved in the scholar context, and so valuable interdisciplinarity is forgotten.
There are still many challenges and barriers, stemming from an industry that tends to have some resistance to change.

And that is why, for the past 3 years, we have been creating the solution for the education of the future. And what was our inspiration? Teachers like João Paulo Teixeira, who see beyond.

But with e-Schooling we guarantee:


Schools focused on richer learning tailored to each student


Teachers motivated and with more time to share


Higher engagement and participation from parents


Students growing up informed, free and happy

To that end, we have brought together in e-Schooling all the tools, information and interactions that schools and the entire education community need.

After all, what are we
up to?

I am a Teacher

I plan dynamic and interactive classes, have more productive work days, and gain time to teach.

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I am a School Principal

I have an integrated view of all areas of my school, in real time, and provide my community with better working and communication tools.

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I am a Student

I download multiple personalized content and teaching materials, interact with the school and teachers, and better organize my study.

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I am a Parent

I record, follow, and participate in all my son's learning and achievements by the minute.

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Other influent individuals

Tutors, Psychologists, Coaches, Mentors, and all those who deal closely, on a daily basis, with students, also have a place in e-Schooling!

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Teacher Ana Ribeiro has met e-Schooling.

Technology is no substitute for teachers. But it can give them tools that make their work quicker and considerably better. And that results in more motivated teachers, more attentive students, and happier schools!

Do you want to meet e-Schooling?

About Us !

We have been working hand-in-hand with schools since 2007. In the beginning, we were seen as visionaries ahead of our time, but now e-Schooling is synonymous with the best school management software. Fully flexible, the current e-Schooling application meets the needs of different types of education and covers the crucial areas of managing a school:

  • Administrative area
  • Financial area
  • Pedagogical area
  • Point of Access
  • Sales

It is this close proximity to the education sector that motivates us every day to build a better future for education. We are now taking the next step, and there are many new things coming soon. But there is still time to get to know what we have been doing for more than a decade.

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