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e-Schooling centralizes, in a single place, all the tools, information, and interactions that teachers need to carry out their work.

You no longer need to spend time on bureaucracy, administrative tasks, and paperwork. Using personalized environments that prioritize immersiveness and mindfulness, you can plan lessons, easily communicate with your students, and challenge yourself by creating new learning and assessment methods.

We share with you a little of our backstage. Check what it's like to give a lesson with e-Schooling.

Discover some of the tasks you will be able to perform:


Plan dynamic and interactive lessons, using automatic notes and alerts to make sure you don't forget anything


Have an integrated view of all your lessons, classes, and students


Share assessment sheets, pedagogical content, homework, and other class materials with your students


Create your own assessment methods and individualized strategies, student by student

João Paulo Teixeira
Coordinator of Professional Courses at EPB-Escola Profissional de Braga
“e-Schooling is an application that fulfills many of the goals and dreams we've been talking about for decades: interdisciplinarity, collaborative work, student-centered planning, essential learning, individualized strategies, family participation in school. In addition to automating tasks and procedures that take up a lot of time for teachers, it also breaks blocks of information about students.” Request early access to e-Schooling and start your trial for free.
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For Schools, we offer a global solution that simplify
the management of all departments of these institutions:

Pedagogical Area

  • Access to the attendance book
  • Registering of grades and class councils
  • Management of schedules and exceptions
  • Planning and management of classes and activities
  • Reports

Administrative Area

  • Management of entities (students, teachers and non-teachers)
  • Human Resources
  • Message Center
  • Enrollment Management
  • Statistics, Circulars and Meetings
  • Schedules Importation
  • Integration with external platforms

Financial Area

  • Invoicing
  • Articles Management
  • Billing and cashier permissions
  • Monthly fees
  • Fines
  • Proceedings
  • Current Accounts


  • Access Control according to the user's schedule
  • Entry and exit authorizations
  • Attendance and punctuality record

Sales and School Cafeteria

  • Elimination of cash circulation
  • Self service
  • Stock and sales management
  • Booking management
  • Creation of menus
  • Queue management

Get to know the case of Colégio Novo da Maia, that takes part of e-Schooling community:

At this moment, imagining ourselves without e-Schooling is imagining that our time would be wasted amidst papers and covers.

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Since 2007, we have been working side-by-side with the schools and educational community. We have always been seen as visionaries in the field of technology and education, but today thanks to continuous and participatory work, e-Schooling has become a reference in the area and a company that operates in a global level.

  • +500 000 users
  • +120 000 students
  • +15 years
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