Privacy Policy

Codevision S.A. is the owner of this website, collecting and conserving the following information on its users:

- The server domain name (ISP) and/or the IP address that provides access to the network. This way we can build statistics on those who visit this website. This information allows us to learn which areas are most searched for, as well as increase and improve its contents to better serve the users.

- The access date and entrance to this website, which allows us to know the times of most traffic and make the right adjustments so as to avoid issues with service overload;

- The internet address the link to this website was from. With this piece of data we can get to know the efficiency of the several banners and pointers redirecting to our server and enhance those that provide better results;

- The data on this websites forms and which are gathered into databases

- Demo request form: the following data is required: entity, email, phone number and type of institution. This data is shared via email with the commercial team, which after analysis and validation from their owner (through call or email) are registered on the CRM Zoho platform for a indetermined period of time. For this reason there is a data transfer to the USA, based on a decision of adequacy (Privacy Shield, with Zohos commitment to keep the personal data safe guaranteeing the same level of protection).

- Job application form: the following data is required. Name, address, phone number, CV. This data is shared with the responsible for the companys human resources who, after an analysis of the data and assessment of the candidates profile and compenteces, shares them via email with the team leader. In case the team leader is interested in moving forward to a second phase of the application process, the data is shared via email with the companys CEO. After the process is concluded and depending on the decision of the team leader and, when applicable, the CEO, the CV is shared with the accounting and human resources departments for hiring or, in case of not hiring, the data remains archived in the human resources department for a period of up to 2 years. After this period and not being hired the data is eliminated.

Codevision S.A. is reserved the right to analyze and use the information gathered to optimize the websites contents and to personalize the services provided, as well as presenting other services that the registered users might benefit from. Codevision S.A. assumes the data input on the website is true. The contact information made available by Codevision should be used exclusively for questions and information related to this website. If Codevisions S.A. contacts are used improperly, fraudulently or for sending unsolicited content, Codevision S.A. is reserved the right to judicially move against the responsible entities.


Cookie Usage

Using cookies is common practice in websites in general, so as to spare the users time and ease navigation. Some of the pages on this website may use cookies: small information files that are transferred to the users computer and allow the website to keep a record of their choices, dates of access and the path taken on it. These files are used to keep the user from having to enter information repeatedly, and to make their navigation easier and the service more catered to them.

The user can accept or delete the cookies. Most browsers or applications of internet navigation accept cookies automatically. The user can change their broswers cookies settings.


Personal data protection

Codevision S.A. worries with the safety and confidentiality of their users and clients personal data. Personal information is always sent via a secure connection. The data provided by the users is stored in a specifically designed database and in no circumstances will it be used for any other end than the one indicated by Codevision S.A. Gathered personal information will be handled by computation only and according to the national legislation on the subject. Within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law, this websites visitors, users and clients may, at any time, exert their right to access, correct, oppose or delete the information, communicating it in writing to the contacts on the website.


Links to other websites

This website may contain links to other websites over which Codevision S.A. has no control, nor is it responsible for their content. The inclusion of links to other websites is done only as an informative reference and without any kind of opinion over the content, owner, services or products offered. Codevision S.A. is reserved the right to demand the removal of any link that it may consider less appropriate, this criterion being of its exclusive responsibility. The content of this website cannot be totally nor partially integrated on the structure of any other website without Codevisions explicit consent.


Changes to the privacy policy

Codevision S.A. is reserved the right to, at any point, adjust or alter the present Privacy Policy, having them be properly announced on this website.